bread making

Muesli Bread

This is a lovely bread well worth making. You can add any muesli that you might have in the cupboard or just add a mixture of oats, nuts and dried fruit. You can add 50-100g of muesli to a simple white bread or follow my recipe below to add more taste and fibre to your

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What is gluten?

Gluten is only present in wheat flour once you add water. The proteins gliadin and glutenin can start to form chains as soon as the dough is hydrated and these protein chains form the gluten network. The gluten network adds strength to the dough. It allows the dough to expand when the yeast expels carbon

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Mincemeat Wreath

This is a lovely bread to make at Christmas, but really you don’t have to wait and you don’t need an excuse, just go ahead and make it to share with your family and friends. It really looks wonderful as the centrepiece of your table at any time of the year. If you dislike mincemeat

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Focaccia recipe

This is one of my favourite breads to make because it is just so easy. I promise. This bread doesn’t require shaping, simply transfer the risen dough from the bowl to an oiled tray, spread it out with oiled fingers and then top with whatever you fancy. Fresh rosemary and sea salt is a classic.

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