Bread Made Easy Videos

I have made these videos to help you to make your own delicious bread at home. These and more are also available on my YouTube channel. My Making Bread The Easy Way Part 1 and Part 2 show you the whole process of making a simple white loaf from start to finish.

Ready to learn more?

If you would like to watch the videos following the stages of bread making they are set out below:

First of all gather the equipment that you need:

Mix your dough to the right consistency

Then choose whether to stretch and fold or knead the dough. You can also use a stand mixer if you prefer.

Once your dough has fermented it is time to shape it. You can shape it in lots of different ways.

A banneton (or proving basket) can support your loaf when proving and give it a lovely rustic look. They aren’t absolutely necessary though and you can easily line a colander with a cotton of linen cloth, flour it well and use that.

When your loaf is ready for the oven, if it isn’t in a tin, it will need scoring before you bake it. This releases the tension in the loaf. When you put a fully proofed loaf in the oven it expands in the heat (this is called oven spring). The cut where you have scored/ slashed the loaf allows the loaf to burst at that point rather than its weakest point.

To allow your loaf to achieve maximum oven spring your oven will need to contain steam for the first ten minutes. You can achieve this by spraying water over the walls and shelves (my preferred method) or a roasting with a cup of water.

Or you could use a dutch oven or casserole dish:

The loaf is baked when it is golden all over, knocks hollow and reaches 90C with an internal thermometer: