Bread Basics Online Course

My online Bread Basics course does exactly what it says. It takes you step by step through the basics of making a simple white loaf so that you can confidently start to make delicious bread at home. It is a shorter, concise version of the Bread Made Easy masterclass.

This course is perfect for the beginner to bread making.

On our Bread Basics online course I will show you:

  • The stages of bread making, so that you fully understand the process from start to finish
  • The ingredients and equipment that you will need
  • How to mix your dough properly
  • How to develop the gluten in the dough using the stretch and fold method instead of kneading. This method makes bread making very easy and makes it easier to fit making a loaf into a busy day.
  • What to expect as the dough ferments and how to fit this fermentation around a busy day
  • How to shape your dough as a bloomer or for a loaf tin 
  • How to tell when your loaf is ready for the oven
  • the technique for scoring/slashing your loaf so that it can expand in the oven
  • My top tips for preparing your oven ready to bake your loaf
  • How and why you steam your oven when you place your loaf inside
  • How to test your loaf is fully baked and why you should let it cool fully before eating it.

My Bread Basics eBook is included and is filled with advice, tips and photos for you to download and print off at home.

All of the videos in our online courses have subtitles which makes them suitable for watching with the sound turned off. 

Other online courses

If, instead, you would like a deep dive into bread making rather than this short course then my Bread Made Easy masterclass might be more suitable. The masterclass takes you through the basics and shows you how to transform the master recipe into wide variety of different breads. It also includes a zoom chat with Kath so that we can discuss any fears or questions that you may have.

Our cookery school

You might prefer to come along to our cookery school in Ironbridge, Shropshire to enjoy a fun, relaxing day learning a new skill. There is a variety of bread and pastry courses to suit all abilities. We also offer tailor made courses for groups of up to five family and friends. We keep our classes small so that everyone has personalised tuition.

Learn more about making bread

You can join our Facebook group Bread Made Easy to learn more about bread making from our friendly community. It's a place to ask questions, learn from my regular articles, post photos of your breads and help inspire others to make bread at home. You can also take a look at the articles on here or pop over to my YouTube channel.