Advanced Breads Online Course

My Advanced Breads online course introduces you to using preferments (biga, poolish and pate fermentee) and the tangzhong method to improve the texture, flavour and keeping quality of your breads.

You will learn how to adapt your favourite recipes to include a pre-ferment and how to make a pillowy ciabatta, crusty white and brown baguettes and deliciously chewy bagels.

If you are already confident with making bread then my Advanced Breads online course is perfect for you to expand your bread making repertoire.

You can buy this course individually or become a member of my Bread Made Easy Membership to access all of my online courses and a monthly live demo and bread chat.

What you will learn

  • How to understand baker percentages and how to adapt your favourite bread recipes to include a preferment
  • Why you should use a preferment in your next loaf
  • How to make a biga and poolish
  • What is pate fermentee and how to use it
  • How to make pillowy ciabatta and ciabatta rolls using biga
  • Make crusty white and brown baguettes using poolish
  • How to make deliciously chewy bagels with a poolish
  • How to use the tangzhong method to improve your bread, including sweet doughs.
Advanced Breads online course

All of my courses are self paced so that you can watch in the comfort of your own home whilst you bake along. The courses are a mixture of text and video lessons and the videos are all subtitled so that you can watch them with the sound off.

Looking for something else?

I have a wide variety of online courses that you can dive into including Sweet Dough, Christmas Breads, Understanding the Science of Bread and more. You can access all of my courses when you join my Bread Made Easy Membership.

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