How to stop your dough sticking to a banneton

It is unbelievably frustrating to have spent time make your dough, shaping it, letting it prove to then find it sticks to your banneton.

I know, I have been there and done that.

There are a few things that can help prevent this from happening.

Bannetons/ proving baskets

Develop the gluten in the dough

It is important that your dough develops good strength. You do this by doing rounds of stretch and fold or by kneading the dough. Stretching the gluten makes it stronger and this makes the dough keep a better shape during its second prove and helps the dough to be more cohesive and less sticky. This will help prevent your dough sticking to the banneton (proving basket).

Shape your dough properly

Learning how to shape your dough can take practice. I show you how to shape you dough for a tin and for a banneton in this article Good shaping techniques helps a dough stay in that shape during the second prove and helps to be less sticky.

Flour your banneton and your dough

In this video I show you the key techniques for making sure your dough doesn’t stick to your banneton.

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