Bread Help

Struggling with making bread?
Not ready for a course but would like advice or help?

If this describes you I can help by jumping onto an online video call with you to help you solve your bread worries.

stretch and fold

If you would like to book a one to one online chat with Kath so that we can troubleshoot your bread problems or if you would like an online Bread Class please get in touch by filling in the form below.

Book an online session

Bread Help Online Chat: £30 per hour

Online Bread Class 1-to-1: £45 (invite friends for an additional £20pp)

Become a member

Joining my Bread Made Easy Membership will help you transform your bread making skills. I have designed the membership to help you understand the process of bread making from the basics, the science of bread to advanced techniques. It is suitable for someone new to bread making, someone struggling with the process and those who are happily making bread but want to learn new ways to flavour and shape your dough.

Bread MembershipMade Easy
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