The Recycled Loaf

Making a new loaf out of an old one I always have crusts of loaves lying on my bread board and so I often make a new loaf out of the old one. I got the idea from James Morton’s Brilliant Bread book. He calls it The Revival Loaf, I am calling it the Recycled …

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Focaccia recipe

Subscribe for bread tips, advice & recipes This is one of my favourite breads to make because it is just so easy. I promise. This bread doesn’t require shaping, simply transfer the risen dough from the bowl to an oiled tray, spread it out with oiled fingers and then top with whatever you fancy. Fresh …

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Breadcrumb crumble

Subscribe for bread tips, advice & recipes I have written before about ways to use up bread, but I thought it worth sharing this recipe for a crumble I made yesterday. I had some of the Maris Widgeon loaf left and it struck me as a delicious alternative to the usually crumble recipe and I …

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Marmite Bread

Last week, in my post about my top three books for beginner bread makers I mentioned Marmite bread, with reference to James Morton’s book Brilliant Bread, where I got the initial idea for this recipe. (It’s a great book that should be on everyone’s shelf.) I offer Marmite bread as a choice for people to …

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