Savoury Breads Online Course

Our Savoury Breads online course is designed for those already familiar with bread making. So if you are already confident with making bread and ready to learn new shaping techniques and to be inspired with new recipes this is the course for you.

Savoury Breads Online Course

What to expect from the Savoury Breads online course

You will learn new shaping techniques and ways of flavouring your bread. I show you how to make:

  • Marmite bread
  • Tomato loaf
  • How to shape a variety of rolls (the shaping skills can be transferred to larger loaves)
  • Make focaccia with different toppings
  • Wild garlic pull apart loaf
  • Pesto and harissa Christmas tree
  • Pitta breads
  • Pizza bases and pizza rolls
  • Bagels
  • The recycled loaf
Savoury breads

The course shows you how to make 11 different breads plus more shaping techniques such as fougasse, braids and knots. The course is accompanied by a workbook that includes all of the recipes that can be downloaded and printed off for use in your kitchen.

If you are fed up with making the same bread over and over then this course is perfect to inspire you with new recipes and techniques.

All of the videos in our online courses have subtitles which makes them suitable for watching with the sound turned off. 

Other online courses

You might also enjoy my Easter and Christmas Breads courses, both of which include delicious sweet breads to share with family and friends. How about becoming a member? When you join the Bread Made Easy Membership you get access to all of my online courses and you can join me for a monthly live demo and bread chat with other members.

Bread Made Easy Membership

Our cookery school

You might prefer to come along to our cookery school in Ironbridge, Shropshire to enjoy a fun, relaxing day learning a new skill. There is a variety of bread and pastry courses to suit all abilities. We also offer tailor made courses for groups of up to five family and friends. We keep our classes small so that everyone has personalised tuition.

Learn more about making bread

You can join our Facebook group Bread Made Easy to learn more about bread making from our friendly community. It's a place to ask questions, learn from my regular articles, post photos of your breads and help inspire others to make bread at home. You can also take a look at the articles on here or pop over to my YouTube channel.

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