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My free ebooks will help you to make delicious bread at home

Top Tips For Making Bread The Easy Way

This free ebook will help you with key techniques that will improve your bread making skills and help you to easily fit in bread making around a busy day.

I show you how to use the stretch and fold technique; how to shape your dough properly; how to know when your loaf is ready to go in the oven and when it is fully baked.

These tips will transform your bread and will change the way you make bread.

This free ebook will show you the first steps to creating your own nutritious and delicious sourdough bread at home.

To make sourdough you need a vigorous, bubbly starter. In this guide I show you how to make your own starter using just flour, water and time.

I also show you how to easily maintain it so that you can start your own sourdough journey.

Want to learn more about bread?

Here at Veg Patch Kitchen Cookery School we are passionate about helping you to make great bread at home. You can learn more with our online courses or if you are in the UK then join us for a day at our cookery school in Ironbridge.

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