Vegan Sweet Dough

One of my Bread Made Easy Members recently asked me to come up with a vegan recipe for enriched dough. I hadn’t tried making a sweet vegan dough before and I was very happy with the results. The texture is excellent. I used all oat milk the first time I made it and it made […]

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Pate Fermentee

A useful trick for improving the flavour, texture and keeping qualities of your bread is to add in a bit of dough from the loaf before. This technique is called “Pate Fermentee” and is just one way of adding some pre fermented flour into your dough. The pre-ferment improves the flavour of the dough adding

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Bread Sauce Loaf

Bread sauce loaf I love bread sauce and I love bread so this combination is a winner for me. It tastes exactly like bread sauce – oniony and cloves.  I share my bread sauce recipe first. Then if you happen to have some left over then I urge you to make this bread.  Bread Sauce

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Christmas Tree Bread

You can adapt this recipe really easily. You can use chocolate spread and chunks of chocolate or Biscoff spread or cinnamon butter. Once you know how to shape this bread you can make a simple white dough instead and use pesto, olive tapenade or harissa. You could also use puff pastry.  Ingredients 300g strong white

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Cinnamon Star

This is a really lovely bread to make for the Christmas table to share with family and friends. It takes a little time to make so is a perfect project when you have a day that you want to spend pottering in the kitchen. This bread is just one recipe that I share in my

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