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We have online bread courses to suit everyone.

Bread Made Easy Membership

Becoming a member gives you access to our online bread courses and to a monthly live online demo and bread chat with Kath to help you achieve success with your bread making.

When you join our membership you get access to all of the online courses listed below plus you can join me for a monthly online live demo and bread chat and become part of our exclusive community. I show you how to develop your dough, what to look for whilst the dough is fermenting, how to shape in a variety of ways and top tips for baking your bread. You get access to over 60 recipes for different breads and ways to use up leftover bread. I explain the science behind the process to help you really understand what is happening and how to troubleshoot your bread.

What's included in the membership

Want an individual online course instead?

New to bread making?

Try my free online course to help you get started.

Introduction to Bread Making Online Course

Free course Introduction to Bread Making

This free online course shares my top tips for how to get the right consistency dough, how to stretch and fold your dough, how to shape your dough for a loaf tin or as a bloomer and how to know when it’s ready to bake. This course is a great starting point if you are new to bread making.

If you are new to bread making then our Bread Made Easy Masterclass will take you step by step through the process transforming you into a confident baker. Alternatively our Bread Basics online course is a quick, concise guide to making a simple white loaf that shows you just how easy it can be to fit bread making into your day. You can start off with my FREE online course that shows you some top tips to get started.

Bread Basics online course

Our Bread Basics online course is perfect if you aren’t ready for the masterclass and want a quick, concise introduction to bread making. By the end of this course you will confidently be making a simple white loaf and fitting it easily into your day.

Our Bread Basics online course shows you the very basics to get you started with bread making

Looking to expand your bread making skills?

If you are already a keen bread maker and are looking to expand your repertoire and learn new shaping techniques and ways to flavour your bread then our Advanced Breads, Savoury Breads, Easter Breads and Christmas Breads online courses are designed with you in mind.

Advanced Breads online course

Advanced Breads online course

Learn how to use pre-ferments to improve the flavour and texture of all your breads. I show you how to make ciabatta, white and brown baguettes and bagels. Learn how to use the tangzhong method to make lovely soft bread that stales slower. This course is included in my Bread Made Easy Membership.

Sweet Doughs online course

Are you looking to learn how to make a variety of delicious sweet breads to share with family and friends? Our Sweet Doughs online course will show you how to master enriched dough and make cinnamon knots, Shropshire butter buns and babka with this master recipe. I also show you how to make buttery brioche, spiced, fruity teacakes and a date and walnut loaf. This course is included in my Bread Made Easy Membership.

Savoury Breads online course

This Savoury Breads online course is perfect if you feel stuck in a rut making the same bread and you want to expand your repertoire and knowledge of bread making. I show you new ways to shape and flavour your dough. You will learn to make tomato bread, a Marmite loaf, a pesto and harissa swirl bread, focaccia with different toppings, garlic pull apart loaf, pitta, pizza, bagels and tiger bread. This course is included in my Bread Made Easy Membership.

Christmas Breads

My Christmas Breads online course shows you how to make delicious breads to share with family and friends over the festive period (and all year round). You will learn how to make stollen, mincemeat wreath, cinnamon star, pear & blue cheese focaccia and pesto & harissa Christmas tree bread. This course is included in my Bread Made Easy Membership.

Easter Breads

Easter isn’t Easter without home-made hot cross buns, but with this course you will also learn how to make some wonderful international Easter breads including Potica (walnut and date roll), tsoureki, babka and my wild garlic pull-apart loaf. This course is included in my Bread Made Easy Membership.


Flatbreads online course

This is perfect for someone that wants to make a range of delicious breads to accompany dinner. I show you how to make plain naan (with and without yeast), peshwari naan, roti, paratha, wheat tortilla and tortilla chips.

Benefits of our online courses

Our online courses have been designed to improve your bread making skills and give you confidence with baking. The courses are a mixture of videos and text lessons. Each course is accompanied by its own ebook, full of advice, tips and tricks and all of the recipes.

The courses are self-paced and you can dip in and out as you please so that you can revisit the course as often as you like when you are baking or if you feel you need a refresher.

All of the videos are subtitled which means you can choose to watch the videos with the sound off.

How about our free online course to get you started?

Our Cookery School in Ironbridge

We also run courses at our cookery school in Ironbridge, Shropshire. So if you are looking for a fun, relaxing day of baking then take a look at the bread making courses that we have on offer.

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