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Bread making on 14 June 2015

Breads made on 14th June

The breads made by the students

Another wonderful day of bread making was had yesterday with four people joining us for a day of baking. We made white loaves, spelt loaves, focaccia, fougasse, fruit buns, chelsea buns, iced fingers and pikelets. We practised both kneading and the folding method for making bread, using both fresh yeast and easy-bake yeast. We shared coconut cake and brownies and a delicious lunch in the glass room. I have had some really lovely feedback from the course participants already, with a lovely review on our Facebook page.

We are looking forward to our next course in July already.

Class on 3rd May 2015

We had a wonderful day of baking this Sunday. Three students joined us for a class using different flours. We started the day with tea and cake (as usual) and also sampling a wholemeal spelt and a khorasan loaf that I had made the day before. We then got stuck in making a spelt loaf (some of us made wholemeal and some mixed white and wholemeal spelt) and a khorasan (Kamut) loaf. We used the folding method for the doughs as neither spelt or khorasan benefit from vigorous kneading. The loaves were beautiful when they came out of the oven and word has come through from our students that they were much enjoyed at home. Just before lunch the students were given the choice of making an olive oil dough or an enriched dough. Together they turned out a very tasty looking focaccia with olives, rosemary and sea salt, some gorgeous looking iced buns and some very sticky chelsea buns. We finished the day off by making tortillas on the Esse.

As always, there was much laughter and fun had during the day and we shared a delicious lunch prepared by Leena and drank plenty of tea. I have received some very positive comments from the students about how much they gained from and enjoyed their day with us at Veg Patch Kitchen and that lifts my heart. I must say, I really do love my job.

I was enjoying the day so much that I forgot to take photos of the cooling breads. Silly me!

If you would like to join us at a future class please do contact us.

Different flours in bread making class on 3rd May 2015

We will be running a class looking at different flours in bread making on 3rd May 2015.  We will also be looking at commercial yeast in all of its forms – fresh, dried and easy bake. So if you fancy comparing a spelt loaf with a kamut one then book now to secure your place.

As always it will run from 10.30 to 4.30 at Leena’s house near Clun in south Shropshire with plenty of tea, cake and a delicious lunch included, as well as a booklet with lots of information and recipes to help you hone your bread making skills in your own kitchen.

Contact us today to book your place.