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Bread basics full day course

If you join us on an all day Bread basics course you will enjoy a whole day devoted to the art of bread making. There will also be plenty of stops for tea or coffee and a delicious lunch too. We normally fit in at least three different breads, including a focaccia, a wholemeal or spelt and a flavoured loaf. I like to tailor each class to the interests of the participants, which is easy to do when there is a maximum of four people in each class.

These are the loaves made on last Saturday’s course. We made spelt loaves using 50% white spelt and 50% wholemeal spelt, a wholemeal loaf with 50% freshly milled Shropshire Soissons grain and 50% stoneground wholemeal from Shipton Mill, a white dough using Shipton Mill Baker’s White which we made into focaccia and a flavoured granary loaf using tomato paste or marmite as the flavour base with 50% white flour, 50% wholemeal and some malted cut rye and Shipton Mill’s Five Seed Blend. selection of loaves made on a bread basics course

A full-day course gives us plenty of time for in-depth conversations about the bread making process and we discuss the use of different yeasts (easy bake, dried active and fresh), the role salt plays in bread making, the consistency of different doughs for a successful loaf, shaping and the importance of getting a good tension when shaping, getting the best out of your oven and lots, lots more.

I love using my Komo grain mill during courses so I can share the flavour impact that freshly milled flour has. I use grain grown in fields in Shropshire and Cheshire.

Komo grain mill

There is a bookshelf crammed with books about breads, so you can browse these over a cup of tea.

Bread library

You take home all of the breads that you have made, a booklet that contains over 20 pages of advice, tips and recipes and a scraper and 10% discount voucher from Bakery Bits.

Booklet and scraper

If you would like to book a place on a future course visit the Ironbridge courses page to see the dates of future courses. I am also very happy to arrange a full-day or evening course for two or more people on a mutually convenient date if there isn’t a date listed that suits you. Feel free to get in touch.


Bread & Butter

We had a really successful bread and butter course on Wednesday at Ironbridge. The room was set up for the four course participants and we had a busy and fun evening of bread making and butter churning.

Ready for pizzas

  Ready for pizzas

Bowls at the ready

Bowls at the ready

We made a wholemeal wheat or spelt dough using the folding method, a white dough, kneaded on the table. We shaped these into bannetons, tins or focaccia and baked them off ready for the participants to take home with them. They all turned out beautifully.

White, wholemeal, spelt and focaccia loaves made by the participants.

White, wholemeal, spelt and focaccia loaves made by the participants.

We churned some cream into butter to finish the evening off.

I received some lovely comments from the course participants:

“It was a really great evening Kath, thank you, already had a taste of the bread and butter for supper .. Lovely.  Thanks again for a really lovely evening….. Definitely going to do more bread baking, you have really inspired us..going to take some to a team meeting tomorrow for a tasting session.”
“Thank you so much for a lovely evening. I had a great time and am looking forward to trying the recipes again – hopefully with the same success as last night.”

Bread making 28th February 2016

More lovely people joined us on Sunday to learn new skills in bread making.

Veg Patch Kitchen Bread Making class

Here they all are with the breads that they made throughout the day. We made white and spelt loaves using the folded method, an olive dough using the kneading method which we shaped into fougasse, focaccia and pizzas. We also made an enriched dough making iced fingers, Shropshire butter buns, chelsea buns and hot cross buns.

The loaves made during the bread making class

The loaves made during the bread making class

If you would like to join us for a full-day or evening class of bread making then please do contact us.

Talk at WI Norbury

Last night was very exciting for me. I gave my first talk at a Women’s Institute (WI) meeting. The WI is an inspirational organisation, created in 1915 to revitalise rural communities and to help feed people during the first world war, its main aims now are to inspire women through access to educational opportunities, developing new skills and campaigning on issues that matter to them.

My first experience of a WI meeting could not have been with a more wonderful group; Norbury WI. They were very welcoming and kind. The group meets at Norbury Village Hall, near Bishop’s Castle in South Shropshire. A fantastic new village hall with great facilities, including a catering kitchen . The evening was very well attended with about thirty ladies gathered. I had prepared a couple of batches each of Shropshire Butter Buns and Chelsea Buns to share with everyone.  As they ran through their agenda I baked the buns. When my turn came I spoke to them about how and why I created Veg Patch Kitchen and my hopes for the business as it develops. I then showed them how to fold a butter bun, with the help of two very lovely volunteers, and then how to make your enriched dough into chelsea buns. There were plenty of questions about the bread making process, which was fantastic, as nothing strikes fear more into the heart of a speaker than a lack of questions.

As an introduction to the world of the WI I could not have asked for better.

So, thank you to the women of Norbury WI for giving me the opportunity to speak to them about my passion for teaching others the pleasure of baking. It was a great experience.

Cookery Course Launch at Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre

On Saturday 6th February the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre are launching their spring cookery courses with a whole day of free activities. Come along to Craven Arms and find out about the fantastic courses that they have on offer.

The day starts at 9 am with the Craven Arms Farmers Market. At 11am 4-7 year olds can take part in a hands-on cookery course. At 12pm I will be showing you how you can shape your white dough into a whole range of wonderful breads from a focaccia or a fougasse, a turkish flat bread, a roll or a cottage loaf. At 1.15pm Melissa Rees will show you how you can cook a Shropshire chicken four ways. After that Sabrina Zeif will demonstrate the wonderful world of Cajun-Caribbean cookery. This will be followed by a talk on beekeeping with Tom Hall and a demonstration from Jan Morgan of fuss-free cooking with meatballs.

All of this is absolutely free and you will receive a voucher that you can use on one of the spring cookery courses. You can also enjoy a delicious lunch in the cafe and find out more about the Ready Steady Cook Community Cookery Project.

I hope you can come along, and if you do, please come over and introduce yourself to me.

If you would like to book a place on the bread making evening class that I will be running on Wednesday 23rd March at the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre, you can find out more about it here.

Tailor made bread making courses

We had another very successful evening of bread making at Little Wenlock on Tuesday. One of the students was a keen bread maker who had requested specifically that we focus on shaping and flavour development. I am very happy to tailor a class around the needs of the participants. So whether you want to know how your dough should feel or how to get the best rise, come along and join me at one of my classes.

We folded a spelt dough that we shaped into tins and kneaded a white dough that we shaped into baguettes, boules and batards. We also made turkish pide and pizza to munch on at half time.

Nothing makes me happier than to pass on my knowledge of bread making to others and then to receive positive feedback is just the icing on the cake. This is the message I received from one of the course participants:

Had a fantastic evening with Veg Patch Kitchen! Gained so much from it all including a few gorgeous, yummy calories! Such a choice of breads this morning for breakfast, the family want me out with Kath Corfield every Tuesday night! Thank you Kath for a wonderful experience and some real usable knowledge.

To book your tailor-made class contact me.

Full-day bread making course 29th November 2015

On Sunday we hosted a family who were celebrating their Mum’s birthday with a special day together. We very much encourage people to tailor the day to suit them, especially if it is a group booking. So on Sunday, the daughter that booked with us requested that the course included Turkish and Mediterranean breads and croissants as these were what her mum was most interested in. It was very exciting to be able to tailor a course like this.  We made two versions of Turkish pide, a focaccia and fougasse each and croissants and pain au chocolat.

The Mum and Dad of the group had visited Turkey several times, enjoying the Turkish pides fresh from the wood fired oven. I had a lot to live up to. We made a flatbread version and a filled version, the Turkish equivalent of pizza. There was some fantastic creativity  with the fillings and toppings going on.

Turkish pide

Making Turkish pide

Turkish pide

Ready to go in the oven

Turkish pide


The creativity continued with the fougasse.


Making fougasse

Fougasse and focaccia

The fougasse and focaccia baked and ready to take home

I was very impressed with their talent for laminating the croissant dough and, of course, there was an element of familial competition going on.

croissants croissants

It was a lovely way to spend a very windy, rainy day. They took armfuls of goodies home with them and I hope that family croissant making becomes a regular thing for them.

If you would like to book a tailor-made course for you and a group of friends and family please contact us to chat about how we can help you enjoy a fantastic day of bread making.

Full-day course price rise

Our full-day courses in 2016 will be priced at £90.00 per person. Discounts will still be available. Members of the Real Bread Campaign get a 10% discount off all our courses and if you book as a party of 4 or more you can grab a place at £80 per person.

Our full-day courses near Clun, in South Shropshire, start at 10.30 am and finish at about 4 pm. We welcome you with a cup of tea or coffee and a piece of cake. Then we get started on making lots of bread. An example of a day with us will see us making a white bread using the kneading method, a spelt or khorasan bread using the folding method and an olive oil dough for making fougasse, focaccia or pizza. We try out different shaping techniques on the doughs. We also make an enriched dough which can be made into chelsea buns, fruit buns, iced fingers or Shropshire butter buns. We always enjoy a delicious lunch in the glass room and there are plenty of tea and cake breaks during the day.

You leave with armfuls of bread to take home, a recipe and advice booklet and a full stomach.

We have a limited number of spaces available on Sunday 15th November priced at £75.00 per person. Contact us to book your place.

Class on 19th July 2015

A busy day of bread making with four lovely ladies was had last Sunday. We made the usual selection of breads including a white dough, spelt bread, focaccia, fougasse, chelsea buns and fruit buns, ending the day with some pikelets.

The breads made on 19th July

Breads made during the day

We enjoyed a lovely lunch in the sunshine of the open glass room and  shared a carrot cake, fruit cake and shortcake biscuits over cups of tea. The students had travelled from far and wide to join us, so three of them had stayed overnight in Leena’s self-catering cottage right next door.

If you would like to join us for a day of baking bread then please do get in touch. We also offer evening courses in Telford too. We would love to see you.


Bread making on 14 June 2015

Breads made on 14th June

The breads made by the students

Another wonderful day of bread making was had yesterday with four people joining us for a day of baking. We made white loaves, spelt loaves, focaccia, fougasse, fruit buns, chelsea buns, iced fingers and pikelets. We practised both kneading and the folding method for making bread, using both fresh yeast and easy-bake yeast. We shared coconut cake and brownies and a delicious lunch in the glass room. I have had some really lovely feedback from the course participants already, with a lovely review on our Facebook page.

We are looking forward to our next course in July already.