What is gluten?

Gluten is only present in wheat flour once you add water. The proteins gliadin and glutenin can start to form chains as soon as the dough is hydrated and these protein chains form the gluten network. The gluten network adds strength to the dough. It allows the dough to expand when the yeast expels carbon

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Marmite Bread

Last week, in my post about my top three books for beginner bread makers I mentioned Marmite bread, with reference to James Morton’s book Brilliant Bread, where I got the initial idea for this recipe. (It’s a great book that should be on everyone’s shelf.) I offer Marmite bread as a choice for people to

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Grow Local

On Sunday, Veg Patch Kitchen spent the day at The Greenwood Centre in Ironbridge at the annual Grow Local event run by Transition Town Telford. It’s a lovely community day, with lots of plants available to buy from local growers or you can take your garden tools to be sharpened and experience how to look

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