Christmas Gifts for Bread Heads

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It’s that time of year when you start thinking about ticking off items on that Christmas shopping list. If you have a keen bread maker in the house then here are my top tips for present buying this year.

Stocking Fillers

If you are looking for stocking fillers then top of the list should be a plastic dough scraper. Get one with a decent straight edge for cutting into dough and rounded corners for helping get every scrap of dough out of the bowl. A plastic scraper quickly become indispensable and you soon wonder how you managed without one.

Another item you will wonder how you managed without is a flour dredger. I baked for years without one and now I wonder how I managed. You can of course sprinkle flour by hand but a flour dredger just makes life that little bit easier.

A danish dough whisk can make mixing dry ingredients and batters really easy.

A banneton is a useful piece of kit if you want to create lovely rustic loaves. You can find out more about using a banneton in this video.

To score your loaves like a professional then a lame (aka grignette) is a must. My advice is get one with a cover. You don’t want an uncovered razor blade lying around.

If you want to store your bread, then a linen bread bag keeps it covered but also lets it breathe. You can get one hand printed by me.

drawstring bread bags

A proving cloth is also invaluable. They are perfect for popping over dough that is fermenting at room temperature, they make a great tea towel or for lining a banneton too.

proving cloth

A probe thermometer can make a huge difference to your bread making as you can check if your loaf is definitely fully baked.

For the seriously obsessed

If you want to spend a bit more on the bread obsessive then if they haven't got a dutch oven they might appreciate one under the Christmas tree. You can learn more about using a Dutch oven in my article all about it as there are lots of options to choose from. The Lodge Dutch Oven is a popular choice and for good reason, as it is well made and will last many years if looked after. However, it is heavy and can be difficult to handle when red hot from the oven. If you prefer something lighter then an enamel roaster is a good way of enclosing steam whilst baking.

A pair of heavy duty oven gloves are a must when handling dutch ovens and the Matfer Oven gloves are very good.

The only problem is that these beauties can't be thrown into the washing machine when they get grubby, as they inevitably will. So, something like this works well and can be washed, which is definitely a bonus.

In our chats at Bread Social we have discussed about how useful a baguette baker can be to making lovely, crusty baguettes. According to the keen bakers that join me at Bread Social the perforated tray creates a wonderful crisp crust.

Something that I am tempted to treat myself to for my sourdough in the winter months is a proofer. It controls the temperature of your dough during those first few hours which can help raise your sourdough game.

Now, this is for the seriously obsessed but when you mill your own grain at home you can bake bread with flour that is at its most nutritious and is so full of flavour. If you think the baker in your life is ready to take their bread to the next level then buying them a flour mill will make them very happy indeed. I love home milling so much I even have a website about it Take a look at Hodmedods website for their range of home mills.

One day I might invest in a Challenger Bread Pan to see if it really does bake bread better than anything else as many over on social media claim. The cloche from Netherton Foundry is a thing of beauty, and whilst you are looking take a look at their gorgeous pans.

What about treating someone to an online course?

My online courses are the perfect present for your bread obsessed loved one. My Savoury Breads online course will show them new ways to shape and flavour their bread. It is especially good for someone stuck in a rut and fed up of making the same bread over and over. You can buy a gift voucher for any of my online courses to gift to a loved one.

Become a member and enjoy all of my online courses and a monthly live bread demo and chat.

Bread Made Easy Membership

Looking for the perfect bread book?

Check out my recommendations for the best bread book for the beginner here or for those looking to up their skills here.

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