Online bread courses

Bread Made Easy and Christmas Breads now available online

You can now learn how to make delicious bread in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace with our online bread courses.

Our Bread Made Easy masterclass covers bread making in-depth and will transform you from a novice to a confident bread maker. The course is designed to take you step by step through the bread making process so that you gain an in-depth knowledge and the confidence to make a variety of breads from one master recipe. You will also get a 30 minute zoom bread chat with Kath included in the price of the course so that I can answer any questions that you may have. Click here to learn more.

Our Christmas Breads online course is aimed at the confident bread maker that would like to expand their repertoire and make delicious festive breads to share with their family and friends. Click here to learn more.

Bread Made Easy Masterclass

My Bread Made Easy Masterclass transforms you from a novice to a confident bread maker. You will learn my tips and tricks and really understand the bread making process in depth so that you have the confidence to make a variety of delicious bread to share with you family and friends.

Bread Made Easy online course

After taking the course, first time baker Tim said "Having never baked anything before and I do mean NEVER, I was very sceptical that I could be taught the skills to produce such a fine looking loaf first time around."

If you have ever thought that you would love to make your own bread but that you don't have the time, I show you just how easy it is to fit making bread into your busy day.

This online bread course will banish any fear that you may have about bread making and you will learn all my tips and tricks to making great bread.

If you would like more details about the masterclass before you buy, you can read all about it and get a free preview here. You can also buy this online bread course as a gift for a loved one. Contact Kath to discuss or buy a full day gift voucher from our shop.

Christmas Breads

In this online course I show you how to make gorgeous bread centrepieces for your Christmas table to share with your family and friends.

Together we make:

  • Pear & Blue Cheese Focaccia
  • Harissa & Pesto Christmas Tree Bread
  • Mincemeat Wreath
  • Cinnamon Star
  • Stollen

The recipes are adaptable to different flavours and fillings so that you can make them again and again and never get bored of them.

Christmas Breads online course

The Christmas Breads course is suitable for people who are already familiar with the bread making process as we do not cover that in the course. Instead I share my favourite recipes and how to shape and bake these delicious festive breads.