Shaping your loaf two ways

Knowing how to shape your loaf is really important to a successful loaf. Good shaping means that you get a good crumb and final texture. Shaping your loaf well will mean that oven spring will be maximised. Your loaf is less likely to get stuck to the tray.

However, it can take a lot of practise to get right. So, don’t worry if at first you don’t succeed. Just keep practising and one day your hands will suddenly start doing it right.

Every baker shapes their loaf differently, so you will find your own individual way of shaping that suits you. In the meantime I show you how I shape my doughs.

Yeasted breads are easier to shape than sourdoughs as they tend to have better gluten strength. If I am making a sourdough then I will add a pre-shape stage. Pre-shaping strengthens the dough allowing you to make a better, stronger shape when you do the final shaping. It isn’t necessary to pre-shape yeasted breads, but sometimes it can help, especially when you are new to shaping.

Shaping your loaf as a boule/ round

The video below show you how to pre-shape and shape sourdough.

Shaping your loaf as a bloomer or for a tin

If you would prefer to shape your loaf for a tin or as a bloomer then this is the video for you.

Want to learn more about how to make bread?

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