New sourdough course for 2017

Veg Patch Kitchen has been running bread making courses for two years now. We started in Leena’s house in Clun in January 2015. We introduced evening classes at the local village hall later that year and now, since July 2016, we have our very own purpose built kitchen that most of the courses run from in the very beautiful location of Ironbridge.

It has been an amazing two years, meeting lots of lovely and interesting people along the way and inspiring many of those to make bread making part of their daily or weekly routine. The rest, I hope, enjoy bread making as an occasional but very enjoyable part of their very busy lives.

It feels the right time now to introduce a sourdough course into the mix of available courses. The new course is for those that have always wanted to make their own sourdough bread but are a bit uncertain about how to make a start or how to fit it into their routine. It is also suitable for those that have perhaps tried to get going with sourdough but have fell at the first hurdle. The course is designed to show you how easy making a very good sourdough loaf can be and how this delicious and nutritious bread can be fitted into your daily, weekly or fortnightly routine. Making sourdough can suit everyone, it’s just a matter of seeing how.

For those of you wondering what sourdough is, it is a bread raised by wild yeasts rather than by the yeast that you can buy from your nearest shop. The wild yeasts are all around us, in the air, in the flour. All they need is time.  Very little commitment is needed from you, a few minutes here and there during the day and you can have a wonderful loaf of bread that is full of goodness and reported to be easier to digest than breads made with shop bought yeast.

So if you want to delve into the world of sourdough and find out how to fit bread making into your routine take a look at the Ironbridge Courses page to find out more and book yourself a place on our next course.

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