How to mix bread dough

Whenever I do a Bread Basics course here in Ironbridge, there is often a moment when the students taking part in the course suddenly understand what it is they have been struggling with or getting wrong. It’s their lightbulb moment. The most common of these is that they realise that they have been mixing their dough too dry. If you follow a recipe to the letter it can often lead to the dough being on the dry side. A dry dough will lead to a heavier bread.

If the recipe calls for 500g flour and 325g water then take that as a guide rather than as gospel. Every bag of flour will absorb water differently.

The video below will show you how to mix your dough to the right consistency.

Ready to learn more?

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If you are already a confident bread maker then my Savoury Breads course will show you how to flavour your dough and shape to so that you can make a huge variety of delicious breads to share with family and friends.

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