How to score a baguette

I have been busy filming an Advanced Breads course to add to the online course library this week and wanted to share a snippet of it with you. When I run my Baguette course here in Ironbridge one of the biggest ‘Aha’ moments for people is when they learn how to properly score a baguette. The look of a baked baguette is misleading as it makes you think that the baker has scored across the baguette when actually they have scored in a very different way in order to best release the tension in the dough.

The video below explains it in full for you.

The important point to remember is that you don’t score across the loaf but instead score down the centre line.

Please bear in mind that the baguette is an advanced bread and the shaping is complex and can affect the way the cuts burst in the oven. Baguettes can take practice, practice and more practice to get right and no one knows more about this than me. I still have lots to learn and definitely need more practice in getting my scoring right.

how to score a baguette

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