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(This post was first published in December 2020)

We now have an online bread membership to help you make great bread at home. The membership combines all of the lessons in the masterclass plus my other online courses and a live monthly demo. You can become a member for a small monthly fee . You can cancel at any time too.

I love my job. Teaching people how to make great bread is very rewarding and I love to hear how people are getting on with their bread adventures after coming along to one of my courses.

I wasn’t able to have a face to face bread making class here between 20th March 2020 and June 2021 because our kitchen is small and social distancing almost impossible. Instead I have been filming an online course, making YouTube videos, setting up an online shop, creating a new website all about using freshly milled wheat and a new Facebook group, so I have been keeping myself busy. But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t missed teaching people face to face how to make bread.

Before I launched my online Bread Made Easy Masterclass I asked several people to test it for me to make sure that there it was a logical progression and to notice any mistakes that I had glossed over. It was wonderful getting feedback from these people. Most of them had been through a Bread Basics course here so were familiar with making bread already. However, Nicola, Heather and Tim were all new to bread making and it was really gratifying to receive their comments and to see their successful loaves after taking the course.

First Time Success after taking the Bread Made Easy Masterclass

Nicola said , “I have never been particularly enthusiastic about making bread before as I don’t particularly fancy the kneading – plus I am not always that patient – but this is certainly an eye opener and as you say it makes it easy.” Here is her impressive looking loaf:

Nicola's loaf

Heather had never baked bread before and produced this beauty the first time:

Heather's first loaf

Tim, the Best Man at our wedding, was volunteered by me as a tester. Having never baked before, but with a background in education, I thought he would be the perfect candidate for testing the course. I gave him all the necessary equipment and ingredients and this was his first ever loaf:

Tim's loaf

These were Tim’s comments on Facebook “Having never baked anything before and I do mean NEVER, I was very sceptical that I could be taught the skills to produce such a fine looking loaf first time around. Many thanks to the genius of Kath Corfield at Veg Patch Kitchen for putting together such a fantastic online tutorial. If like me… you have the culinary skills of an Otter… I’m sure Kath will point you in the right direction too.”

What is even more fantastic than Tim’s first time success is that every weekend since Tim has carried on baking. He has made his favourite lardy cake and Chelsea buns and not just from a recipe that I have given him or that he has googled either. Tim has Type 2 Diabetes so for his sweet treats he has to use a sugar substitute, so he did his research and has adapted recipes to come up with something that he can eat. This makes me incredibly proud. I had no idea that when I strong armed him into testing the course for me it would convert him into a keen baker but I am very pleased that it has.

So, whilst people can’t come here for face to face courses yet it feels incredible that I am still able to have an impact and help people make great bread at home.

You can buy my bread masterclass and transform the way you make bread.

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