Acton Scott Home Dairying course

We had a great day of cheese and butter making at Acton Scott on Saturday. We started the day with making a curd cheese with vegetarian rennet. We had a very interesting visit to the farm’s dairy to watch Ingrid turn two gallons of cream into butter in the farm’s end-over-end butter churn and we benefitted from the skills and knowledge that Ingrid has developed over her years of working at Acton Scott. It made us all realise what a skilled job that of dairy maid was and how important her role was to the Victorian farm.

We had a delicious lunch in the School House cafe and then returned to the Black Barn to make our own butter and then, in the tradition of the farmhouse, we made scones using both the buttermilk and the strained whey.

It was such a fantastic day that we have now added another Home Dairying course to Acton Scott’s diary. On Sunday 9th October we will be making a soft cheese and flavouring it with rum soaked raisins and churning cream into butter to make a delicious brandy butter. We will be popping down to the farm’s dairy to watch Ingrid working her magic with the butter churn too.

If you would like to join us in October then book your place quickly as this courseĀ is popular.

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