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Beetroot Bread

Beetroot bread is a wonderful bread that can take on a gorgeous deep red hue, especially if you use cooked beetroot. The dough above is made with cooked beetroot and the resulting bread had a pale pink hue, hardly noticeable to the beetroot hater in this house and it has to be said that they […]

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Bread Pudding

This old fashioned bread pudding transforms a staling crust into a delicious treat. Ingredients 225g bread (any bread that you have left over)300g milk 50g butter, melted1 egg75g soft brown sugar175g dried fruitRind and juice of 1 orange2 teaspoon mixed spiceDemerara sugar to sprinkle over the top (about 2 tablespoons) Method Line a 2lb loaf

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Halloween Fougasse

You can make these ‘boogasse’ out of any bread dough. I had a pumpkin so I made my pumpkin bread recipe for these. They made the perfect accompaniment to pumpkin soup. Fougasse is normally one large cut in the centre of the dough and several smaller cuts up the side to give a leaf effect

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Ciabatta Recipe

This recipe makes use of a pre-ferment to add flavour and texture to this bread which is ideal for bruschetta or serving with soups and stews to sop up the flavours. You can read more about using preferments here. Ciabatta, which translates as Slipper, was invented in the 1980’s by an Italian baker as a

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How to make tiger bread

Tiger bread has a delicious savoury/sweet/slightly salty glaze that cracks as it bakes and makes a really delicious loaf. Ingredients For loaf: (Simple white loaf recipe but you could use any bread recipe that you like) 500g strong, white (bread) flour10g fine sea salt5g (or 1 sachet 7g) easy bake/ fast action/ instant yeast or

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