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Acton Scott Bread making 7 May 2016

Last Saturday saw me taking my first class at Acton Scott Museum. I was joined by eight lovely students for a day of bread making.

Making bread at Acton Scott

Here they all are doing a fold of their spelt/ wholemeal dough. We kept ourselves very busy. We made a wholemeal or spelt dough and shaped it into a tin, an olive oil dough that we shaped into a fougasse or a focaccia and a white dough that we shaped into a boule and proved in a banneton.

The highlight of the day was cooking our white loaves in the Bailiff’s cottage’s bread oven. Mike, the Bailiff, had lit the wood fired bread oven and made it ready for our loaves. It was fascinating being able to step back in time and cook our loaves the traditional way.

Whilst we waited for the loaves to cook it gave us all a chance to have a wander around the farm yard and coo over all the new babies that had recently arrived. There was a litter of nine day-old Tamworth pigs, some week to ten day-old calves and some very adorable chicks. The working horses are always worth a look and I never miss the opportunity to steal a glance at Dusty the Donkey (if only he fitted into the  back of my car…).

Acton Scott is a working farm museum following the farming methods of the Victorians and is well worth a visit if you find yourself in Shropshire.

I am looking forward to my next couple of courses there, Home Dairying on 25th June and Sweet Doughs on 24th September.

Bread making on 14 June 2015

Breads made on 14th June

The breads made by the students

Another wonderful day of bread making was had yesterday with four people joining us for a day of baking. We made white loaves, spelt loaves, focaccia, fougasse, fruit buns, chelsea buns, iced fingers and pikelets. We practised both kneading and the folding method for making bread, using both fresh yeast and easy-bake yeast. We shared coconut cake and brownies and a delicious lunch in the glass room. I have had some really lovely feedback from the course participants already, with a lovely review on our Facebook page.

We are looking forward to our next course in July already.

Bread making on 19th April

Another wonderful day of bread making was had by all when five students gathered to learn about the basics of bread making last Sunday. We made white loaves, iced buns, chelsea buns, fougasse and focaccia. We drank lots of tea with three cakes to choose from (clementine, ginger and chocolate, in case you are wondering) and a delicious lunch served by Leena.

If you would like to join us for a bread making course (and to eat cake) please contact us.

The breads cooked during the course.

The breads cooked during the course.