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Top Tips For Making Bread The Easy Way

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Making Bread The Easy Way

Filled with step-by-step photos and instructions, my free eBook shows you

  • how to stretch and fold your dough (instead of kneading),
  • the way to shape your dough for best results,
  • how to know when your dough is ready to be baked,
  • how to tell when your bread is properly cooked.

These are key to transforming your bread making skills. So, if you are new to bread making my free ebook is a great place to start.

Ready to learn more about making great bread at home?

My online Bread Made Easy Membership can transform you from a novice to a confident bread maker.

Bread Made Easy Membership

You can also take a look at my videos and articles full of tips that will help you to become confident with making bread at home.

If you live in the UK why not join us for a fun, relaxing day of learning new skills at our cookery school in Ironbridge? We have a range of bread making and baking courses to suit everyone. Tailored courses for a group of family and friends are also available.

Contact Kath for more more information about our online courses, our cookery school or buying a gift voucher.

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