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At Veg Patch Kitchen we offer a range of cookery courses in Shropshire. We have a bespoke commercial kitchen in the garden of our home in Ironbridge where we offer full day, half-day and evening courses (Click here to see the Ironbridge Course page).  If you would like a tailor- made class for a group of friends, family or work colleagues (up to a maximum of five people) at our kitchen in Ironbridge please contact us to discuss your requirements.  Kath also teaches the popular bread making courses at Acton Scott.

What to expect from your course at Ironbridge:
All of the full-day courses include a light lunch, homemade cake and refreshments.  During the evening  and half-day courses we enjoy a pizza that we make during the course.
You take home my recipe and advice booklet, a scraper and a voucher from Bakery Bits and all of the goodies that you have made on your course.

Bread making basics – The day course runs from 10am – 4pm and together we bake a white dough, a spelt or wholemeal dough and a flavoured bread. We have plenty of time during the day to discuss techniques and common problems. We work on shaping techniques and how to get the best bake from your domestic oven. This course is suitable for beginners and for people who want to perfect their technique and learn a bit more about bread making. £100 per person

Bread making basics – The evening course runs from 6pm-9.30pm and the half-day course is from 10am -1.30pm. We will bake a white dough and a spelt or wholemeal dough along with a pizza to enjoy during the class. We cover lots in the time, including shaping techniques and how to get the best out of your domestic oven. This course is suitable for beginners and those looking to perfect their technique. £55 per person

Advanced – Ciabattas and baguettes (Slow dough) – This day course runs from 10am – 4pm and takes your bread making to the next level.  We work with a poolish and a biga (overnight ferments) to make ciabattas and baguettes that are full of flavour, last longer and are easier to digest.  So if you have already mastered the basics of  bread making and are looking to expand your skills then this is the course for you.   £100 per person

Croissants & Sweet dough– On this full-day course  we make a laminated dough to make croissants and pain au chocolate and a sweet enriched dough to make sweet goodies including Shropshire butter buns, iced fingers, fruit loaves and chelsea buns. This is suitable for beginners and for those with more advanced bread making skills. I tailor the course to suit you.  £100 per person

Bread and butter – This full-day class combines the joys of making bread and churning your own butter to spread on it.  We will make a selection of breads, much like the bread basics course described above, but will also turn cream into delicious fresh butter. This course is suitable for beginners and for those looking to perfect their technique.  £100 per person

Bread and butter- This evening class  and half-day class shows you how to bake your own bread and make your own butter. We make a white and wholemeal or spelt loaf and turn cream into a delicious butter to spread onto that bread. We also make a pizza to enjoy during the course. This course is suitable for beginners. £55 per person

Sourdough – This full-day class  will help you get the best out of your sourdough.  We learn how to maintain a starter, how to use this starter in different ways to make a sourdough dough, what to look for in fermentation of the dough, how to shape and bake your loaf.  Because this is a day class and sourdough takes much longer to ferment you will be working with doughs that have been started before the class. You take home a baked sourdough loaf, a dough to bake at home, some of my sourdough starter, sourdough crackers, a recipe/ advice booklet on sourdough, and a scraper and discount voucher from BakeryBits.   This course is suitable for someone who has mastered the basics and is looking to take their bread making to the next level. £100 per person

Butter and soft cheese – This full day class shows you how to churn cream into butter and turn milk into two types of soft cheese.  We discuss the principles of home dairying and flavour our butters and cheeses so that you go home with a selection of goodies and new dairying skills, along with a recipe/advice booklet. This course is suitable for beginners. £100 per person

Using heritage wheats – This full-day class will show you how to make bread using some of the more unusual wheats available to the baker. We will bake with einkorn, emmer and khorasan wheats and you will learn how to handle doughs using different flours. This course is suitable for the beginner but you may benefit more if you have already mastered the basics. £100 per person

Baking with freshly milled flour – This full-day course makes use of my tabletop Komo Fidibus XL mill and shows you the difference that baking with freshly milled flour can make to the taste of your bakes.  We will make bread, scones and biscuits on this course. It is suitable for beginners but you may benefit more if you have already mastered the basics.  £100 per person

Pastry and scones This full-day course will help you to make the best puff-pastry you have ever eaten, we will also make shortcrust pastry and fruit and wholemeal scones.  We will use our shortcrust pastry to make delicious pies or tarts for you to take home. This course is suitable for beginners. (You will take the puff pastry home to freeze to use at your convenience) £100 per person

NB: Courses may be slightly different from description as I like to tailor the course to each group.

Upcoming courses in Ironbridge in 2019

Wednesday 6th November, Bread Basics, 10am-1.30pm, £55 per person, 1 space remaining
Saturday 9th November, Sourdough, 10am-4pm, £100 per person, 2 spaces remaining
Tuesday 12th November, Breadmaking with Heritage Wheats, 10am-4pm, £100pp,  4 spaces
Friday 15th November, Pastry & Scones, 10am-4pm, £100pp, 4 spaces
Wednesday 20th November, Croissants & Sweet Dough, 10am-4pm, £100 pp, 2 spaces remaining
Tuesday 26th November, Baking with Freshly Milled Flour, 10am-4pm, £100 pp, 5 spaces
Saturday 30th November, Bread Basics, 10am-4pm, £100 per person, 2 spaces remaining

Tuesday 10th December, Bread Basics, 10am-4pm, £100 per person, Fully Booked 
Saturday 14th December, Christmas Breads, 10am-4pm, £125 per person, 4 spaces
Wednesday 18th December, Sourdough, 10am-4pm, £100 per person, 4 spaces

Upcoming courses in 2020

Saturday 11th January, Bread Basics, 10am-4pm, £100 per person, 4 spaces remaining
Friday 17th January, Pastry & Scones, 10am-4pm, £100 per person, 4 spaces
Saturday 25th January, Sourdough, 10am-4pm, £100 per person, 3 spaces remaining
Thursday 30th January, Bread & Butter, 10am-1.30pm, £55 per person, 3 spaces remaining

Saturday 8th February, Bread Basics, 10am-4pm, £100 per person, 5 spaces
Wednesday 12th February, Pastry & Scones, 10am-4pm, £100 per person, 3 spaces remaining
Tuesday 25th January, Breadmaking with Heritage Wheats, 10am-4pm, £100 pp, 5 spaces
Saturday 29th January, Sourdough, 10am-4pm, £100 per person, 4 spaces

Wednesday 4th March, Ciabatta & Baguettes (Advanced), 10am-4pm, £100pp 4 spaces
Tuesday 10th March, Bread Basics, 10am- 1.30pm, £55 per person, 5 spaces
Saturday 14th March, Sourdough, 10am-4pm, £100 per person, 4 spaces
Wednesday 18th March, Baking with Freshly Milled Flour, 10am-4pm, £100 pp, 4 spaces
Wednesday 25th March, Croissants & Sweet Dough, 10am-4pm, £100 pp, 4 spaces
Saturday 28th March, Bread & Butter, 10am-4pm, £100pp, 5 spaces

Saturday 25th April, Bread Basics, 10am-1.30pm, £55pp, 2 spaces remaining
Thursday 30th April, Sourdough,  10am- 4pm, £100pp, 4 spaces

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  1. Angela

    Hi do you allow children age 14 on your courses? If so, would they pay full price or do you offer any child specific courses please? My daughter and friend would be very interested. Many thanks

  2. Kath Post author

    Dear Angela, Apologies for delayed reply, this was sitting in my spam folder. I will send you an email direct. Many thanks, Kath

  3. John Barclay

    Hi I would like to book a place on the Sourdough course on 25 January. The person attending is Kim Barclay

  4. Kath Post author

    Dear John, Thank you I have made the booking for you and sent you an email. If you haven’t received it please check your spam folder as sometimes it pops my emails in there. I look forward to meeting Kim in January. Best wishes, Kath

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