Bread Making Courses

At Veg Patch Kitchen we offer a range of courses throughout Shropshire. We have a bespoke commercial kitchen in the garden of our home in Ironbridge where we offer a range of courses, both full day and evening.  We also offer full-day bread making courses at Kath’s sister’s farmhouse near Clun, South Shropshire.  Kath also runs the popular bread making courses at Acton Scott. Please click on the links or select from the drop down menu on the header to find out more about the courses.

Upcoming courses in 2017

April 2017

Sunday 2nd April, Acton Scott Farm & Museum, Easter baking, book with Acton Scott direct

Wednesday 5th April, Ironbridge, Easter breads, 10am -4pm £90 per person

Friday 7th 6pm -8pm & Saturday 8th April 10am -3pm, Ironbridge, Sourdough, £125 per person

Wednesday 26th April, Ironbridge, Bread making basics, 10am – 4pm, £90 per person

Sunday 30th April, Clun, Bread making basics, 10am – 4pm, £90 per person

May 2017
Saturday 6th May Acton Scott Farm & Museum Bread making, book direct with Acton Scott

Friday 12th May, Ironbridge, Bread basics, 10am -4pm, £90 per person

Tuesday 16th May, Ironbridge, Bread basics, 6pm – 9pm, £50 per person

Saturday 20th May, Ironbridge, Croissants & sweet dough, 10am – 4pm, £90 per person

Wednesday 24th May, Ironbridge, Bread & butter, 6pm -9pm, £50 per person

Friday 26th May, Ironbridge, Advanced bread making, 10am – 4pm, £90 per person

June 2017
Monday 5th June, Ironbridge, Bread basics, 6pm – 9pm, £50 per person

Friday 9th, 6pm -8pm & Saturday 10th June 10am -3pm, Ironbridge, Sourdough, £125 per person

Thursday 15th June, Bread & butter, 6pm – 9pm, £50 per person

Tuesday 20th June, Croissants & sweet dough, 10am-4pm, £90 per person

Saturday 24th June, Bread basics, 10am – 4pm, £90 per person

Tuesday 27th June, Advanced bread making, 10am – 4pm, £90 per person

July 2017
Wednesday 5th July, Bread basics, 6pm – 9pm, £50 per person

Friday 14th July 6pm-8pm & Saturday 15th July 10am-3pm, Sourdough two-day course £125 per person

Wednesday 19th July, Croissants & sweet dough, 10am – 4pm, £90 per person

Tuesday 25th July, Bread basics, 10am – 4pm, £90 per person

Saturday 5th August Bread basics 10am-4pm £90 per person

Thursday 24th August Bread & butter 6pm-9pm £50 per person

Wednesday 30th August Bread basics 6pm-9pm £50 per person

Friday 1st September, 6-8pm & Saturday 2nd September 10am -3pm Sourdough two-day course £125 per person

Thursday 7th September, Bread basics, 6pm – 9pm £50 per person

Tuesday 12th September, Bread basics, 10am – 4pm, £90 per person

Wednesday 20th September, Bread & butter, 6pm -9pm, £50 per person

Saturday 23rd September, Acton Scott Farm Sweet & Flavoured bread, 10am – 4pm, Book direct with Acton Scott Farm

Thursday 26th September, Advanced breads, 10am – 4pm, £90 per person

Friday 6th October 6pm-8pm & Saturday 7th October 10am-3pm Sourdough two-day course, £125 per person

Thursday 12th October, Bread basics, 10am – 4pm, £90 per person

Monday 16th October, Bread & butter, 6pm-9pm, £50 per person

Friday 20th October, Advanced Breads, 10am – 4pm,  £90 per person

Tuesday 24th October, Bread basics, 10am – 4pm, £90 per person

4th November, Christmas Breads at Acton Scott Farm, 10am-4pm, Book direct with Acton Scott Farm

Tuesday  7th November, Bread basics, 10am – 4pm, £90 per person

Saturday 11th November Bread basics, 10am – 4pm, £90 per person

Wednesday 15th November, Bread & butter, 6pm-9pm, £50 per person

Friday 24th November, Advanced breads, 10am-4pm, £90 per person

Tuesday 28th November, Bread basics, 6pm-9pm, £50 per person





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